My Photo Gallery


My Living-Bedroom at Geyland - Jun 2004 to May 2005

There are 4 others i am sharing the same unit with, i.e. the landlord (living room), a constantly flying guy of late 30s (left room) and a very young couple of early 20s (right room).


This is my work/play station :) Due to the nature of my job, work and play are so interwined that i have treated them as one, i work where i play and i play where i work, that's my life.


One desktop computer for play and one laptop for work; they are used interchangeably though. My sound card is external, with surround speakers and subwoofer, can be connected to any system.


Unfrequent personal articles are compartmentalized into categorized boxes for ease of transportation and access. This is inlined with a "pack and go anytime" concept, enabling high mobility.


This room is huge enough that i could even practise certain basic dance step with the music and golfing at green (landlord taught me). And in particular, i like to take short naps on the sofa =)


Having two systems provides the pleasure of playing a dvd movie while surfing net, synchronizing my work on both computers, and when one system is temporary down, i am still connected.


Tidiness is more important than cleanliness, though my mum is practising otherwise i feel. I organize in order to improve efficiency on the "ease of finding" and i keep everything just clean.


I have shifted quite a number of books back to my 3 book shelves in Malaysia since i longer read and refer to them (i like to think i read a lot...) so that i create more space for the new ones.


One key criterion to remain tidy, i call it Space Management. Therefore, since my stay in a Master Bedroom at Tiong Bahru, i choose to do away with a bed but a regularly "changing mattress".


My Master-Bedroom at Tiong Bahru - Jun 2003 to May 2004

This is my first aircon room in Singapore! Though i am much against sleeping the whole night with air-conditioning, i programmed it to off/on automatically 20min after/before my sleep.


My Bungalow-Bedroom at Orchard - Jul 2003 to May 2004

This is a deserted property for many years. But who cares, i had the whole house to myself. And i got myself a bicycle to have supple at newton. This is the photo taken before i moved into.


My Bedroom at Holland Village - Jul 1999 to Jun 2003

I stayed here more than 3 years, though this particular unit has the original fitting 20 years back when this whole block is constructed. The reason was, my girlfriend is staying on the next.


I am not so sure why i didn't take the photo for the other corner of my room (there was a table, a bed and a wall of poster), could it be i have forgotten or my girlfriend is sleeping soundly...


My Reading-Bedroom at NUS YIH - Nov 2001 to Apr 2002

i sleeped here (with 3 chairs in a row) for 6 months for my last semester of study in NUS. I used to bring fresh 7 pieces of cloths every sunday, after washing the worn 7 pieces every week.


My Home-Bedroom in Johor Bahru

This is my initial and eventual place of permanent residence. Unlike the others, my bedroom is unfurnitured according to the blueprint yet, since it was intentioned to be a wedding room...