25th to 30th August 2005

1. Objective 2. Planning 3. Places & People 4. Practices & Preferences 5. In Conclusion 6. What's Next


1. To use the Language in Local Context

My first Japanese language lesson commenced during the semester break, first year engineering student in NUS. The University has a practice that priority is given to the final year students when it comes to distribution of cross-faculty module. Although i have opted for Japanese as part of my curriculum, it didn't workout. I decided to pay to attend outside classes, once a week at Orchard.

Perhaps it is a blessing in disguised that the lessons kept myself learning during the semester break and this went on for 3 years. Without failed, during the semesters' break, i proceed one level after another in my quest of the Japanese language.

The stressful part would be, the Japanese school has a regulation that if one did not continue the course within 3 months to the next level, an entrance test will then be required to continue the lesson. And guess what, i used to be calling the school office to schedule an entrance test one week before each semester's exam ended.

In semester 6, which is the second half of third year in NUS, i had the opportunity to complete, one time, several courses at one go because i was having my industrial attachment for 6 months, which actually paid for the courses i have taken non-stop, lol =D

Year 4 in NUS, semester 7 and 8, i did what i have done is year 1, i applied for basic japanese as part of my curriculum. Not only i was granted the modules, i have opted for a graded option for both semesters. I scored without any strain on my nerve, oh yeh!

I guaduated, fortunately, and the road to learning Japanese continues. I re-started my classes outside on yet another level, the pre-advance level 1. And i asked myself, will there be an end of my learning of this language? It has gotten tougher and all my pre-advance levels' classmates have quited by now except for two...

I recognized that the only way to end the learning is to master the language and the only way to master the language is to work in Japan. It was in 2002, this very thought of working to Japan first came into my mind. And it stays with me for many years.

This trip gives me the opportunity to use the language for 6 days.

2. To find out about Lifestyle in Japan

This is my first visit to Japan. My purpose of going is to ascertain the cost of living in Japan as a working individual. And also to gauge the level of proficiency in me using the language over there.

I have pre-arranged this trip with a friend whom has backpack experience in Korea and Europe in 2003 but it didn't workout when the month gets nearer this year, 2005. But i was lucky to meet Realm during one of my Prudential Roadshow at Jurong East MRT June 2005 and soon after we were already working on this trip.

And i believe God always has His Way of making things happen :)

3. To explore probable Job Opportunity

How should i go around getting myself employed in Japan? Could i have an edge over the local job applicants? I need to find out.

4. To bring Gifts back to People I thank

Japan is an further country i am going to visit, next to Hong Kong. And i want to bring back some gifts, just like it is Christmas :)

5. To send Greeting to my Clients/Friends

This is definitely gonna take up quite a bit of time because i am sending my greetings to every of my client friends. Perhaps, in the future or next time, i could exercise some favortism to be fair...

6. To get an exquisite Tie Pin for myself

If the right one comes along, i will get it. This should not bother me.

7. To spend very wisely within my means

My initial budget for this trip is $1,500 but after the air ticket and the rail pass, i have no choice but to stretch it to $2000. Well, that's all i can afford now and whatever i have missed i will make up for it in the future. There isn't a need to visit Disney Land right now ;)

8. To decide whether to working in Japan

I need to create my own destiny. If i do not decide for myself, someone out there is going to decide for me, the way my life will be. And after i come back from Japan, i must be able to make up my mind whether working in Japan is part of my autobiography.

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Population of 127 million with Area 377,835 sq kilometer. Mostly rugged and mountainous; climate varies from tropical in south to cool temperate in north. Many dormant and some active volcanoes, about 1,500 seismic occurrences (mostly tremors) every year; tsunamis; typhoons. The Japanese people observe both Shinto and Buddhist 84%, other 16% (including Christian 0.7%). Primary medium of instruction: The Japanese Language.


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