25th to 30th August 2005

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This has been well-thought of for the people, i.e. cycling.

In macroscopic view point, it reduces the automobile traffic volume in the city, especially during peak hours, and most importantly, it promotes a cleaner city environment of greater accessibility.

Unlike Singapore and Malaysia, bicycle lanes are catered the same way as pedestrian pavement along and beside the road, it is hence very safe to cycle. And it doesn't cost to park your "car" properly.

Business executives, lady in suit gentleman in tie, cycle to work also! Oh, not to forget, school girls in their school uniforms too =)

Japan is successful in promoting local entrepreneurship, part of the reasons, in my opinion, is the down to earth practice of cycling.

It take us a perspiring 10min to walk 1km but it takes us just a breezing 10min to cycle 5km. This ease of accessibility is of great help to potential business entrepreneurs: firstly, it means more patrons and secondly lower rental (less competition on proximity).

In microscopic view point, for people who cycle regularly, they are healthier, probably are able to maintain a good figure (for ladies), having a lower transportation cost and environmental friendly :)

Anyway, it is tough to practice work cycling in Singapore; don't even think of trying it, it's too dangerous. Our listed transport establishments or related parties needed our financial support.

Trash Handling

I do not know how long did it takes for the Japanese Government to educate its people to contribute back to their only environment.

It is a common sight in Japan to come across trash bins that classify various types of trash being thrown there-in. The difference lies in the number of categories; usually 3 but sometimes it could be 6!

This recycling exercise has been so successful that even the private and domestic sectors are practising it, such as hostels and motels. At the domestic level, it could be simply burnable and unburnable.

For this case in point, we can see the higher civilization and greater maturity of the Japanese community. And it may take some time for our own people to attain the very same level of responsibility.

And most probably, exercise as such does not help in one's economy.


Don't you ever think of cartooning as childish! In Japan, it plays a major role in print advertisements and television commercials.

Japan is by no mean a childish nation but it makes bilions all over the world with their famous characters, comics and animes.

And my favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel ;)

In modern Singapore history, there was a mad rush for Mcdonald's Hello Kitty whereby thousands of people are obsessed by the soft toy. And i was one of those who queued over night at Orchard MRT just to get the soft toy and went straight for my lesson at 9am.

With my perseverance, i hunted down all the 6 married couples and the first pair is the millenium couple, do you still remember?

Mobile Phone

I would love to owe this newly launched model some time in the future. It's 3G and selling at unbelievably close to SGD650 only!

In order to prevent smuggling of mobile phones to other places, all purchase of mobile phone must go with an one year contract.

For you information, i will be getting the green color one in 2006:)

Vending Machine

It is a cultural thingy to witness vending machines selling cold drinks and tobacco located almost everywhere, even if outdoor. Indoor wise, those with hot drinks and noodles are common too.

The most fanciful one which i came across is the one located at Narita Airport. It is huge and selling both hot and cold drinks.

Not only that the machine comes with a LCD screen to serve you better, and of course also for advertising purposes, the machine is also designed for the people who are physically-challenged!

However, i always thought drinking too many of these can or bottle drinks are doing more harm than good to the body.

My dad would say many of which has too much sweeteners and prolong intake may eventually lead to diabetes. I take his words.

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For car is carpark; for bicycle is bicyclepark (not in dictionary).


Streets are shared by people, bicycles, motorcycles and cars.


Recycle bins are found outside 7-11 as well as other stores.


Japanese accept cartooning as a mass information medium.


One of the latest handphone model, available in 2 bright colors.


A comprehensive vending machine located in Narita Airport.