Hello! Happy New Year to You ;)  
Every year around this time, we come across those same "old" new year tunes, be it in Suntec City, China Town walk or even at home! For myself, every year when I hear or listen to these same songs, they remind me of how fast a year has past. On the outside, everything seems to be going on the same way as before, the same crowded shopping mall, the same long 4d & toto queue and the same excited journey back home. But inside, we know by heart that, we are no longer the same as before... Our knowledge, our experience, our lives and even our feelings are not the same anymore! When we take a look at what is ahead of us, it is a long timeline that stretches very far; but once we turn our heads and look back, our past is just a dot...
As Financial Services PRU-Adviser
Me sent out 29 new year cards this year and 19 of them are of the same design as the one on the left =) if you did not receive any, it is not because I don't like you, but rather, i simply do not have your address! And I would like to thank all of you who has sent me your wishes through sms while I am in Msia :) Sorrie for not being able to reply as i am on Pay-As-U-Roam.
My Uni, Jap and Dance Classmates
Graduation 2002
DND 2002
Foam Party 2003
Korean Food Orchard
Dessert Time Bugis
Cosplay 2002 Orchard
My Beloved Parents and Sisters

It does not matter how the others see the work that I do and it does not matter whether i am doing a good job, I always have their heart-warming support...

My Dear Parents and Fours Cute Sisters, I love You :)
This Is Gonna Be A Beautiful Year For You And For Me!
I wish you all the best in attaining new heights this year! May the countless blessings of God showers upon you; in your studies, in your career, in your love life and lastly, in your own precious self... Amen.