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1. SavEngiN's Public Help Line <-- HOT!

2. Huh? What is this seNewsletter?

3. Valentine:
Everlasting Experience

4. Time Movement in Prudential


1. SavEngiN's Public Help Line

1.1 Looking for Job

She is Jeslyn, mid-20s, marketing diploma holder, formerly worked in cpf board. Jeslyn is looking for a sales and marketing or personal asistant or administrative position with fixed monthly salary and regular working hours. I met Jeslyn only last year december during my 2 days cold-call at toa payoh central hdb hub. She is not my client but she helps to refer me. So nice :)

She is Elise, mid-20s, banking and finance degree holder, formerly worked in the bank. Elise is looking for a suitable position related to her major. She will also consider any other job offer that comes along the way. I get to know Lise (as i usually call her) from the former Mcdonald's Hello Kitty online chat. We met for only 2 times, for chalet as well as for a swim =)

He is Ng CW, mid-20s, bachelor in engineering (electrical), currently working as a quality control engineer in a semiconductor firm. Ng is comtemplating of changing job because he finds that his currently position does not realise his full potential. He loves challenges. He even told me that he don't mind to start afresh as an management trainee. I was in the same class with Ng for 2 semesters in nus. During that time, we were doing a minor in technopreneurship after school and that's how people of similar interest get to know one another. Ng and me are both malaysian ;)

1.2 Looking for People

She is Geraldine, mid-20s, account executive. Geraldine is looking for a male accounting assitant for his boss. Preferably one with diploma holder. I met Geraldine the same way as i met Jeslyn (above), not at hdb hub but at imm jurong east. Since then we have not seen each other again but soon we will be meeting up to assembly one computer and upgrade the other, lol =D

He is Victor, mid-20s, sales engineer. Victor is looking for another sales engineer, just like himself, for a refrigeration component supplier. Preferably one with mechanical engineering degree just like me, haha =D Victor is one year my senior, we used to play Counter Strike in Design Lab with our fellow lab mates against Termasek Hall and more often than not kena trashed, ai :(

Please help by checking with your HR Department, thanks a million!

2. Huh? What is this seNewsletter?

SavEngiN's Newsletter is my endeavor to capture some episodes in the life insurance career. SeNewsletter is undoubtedly a spam considering I am sending it to quite a large handful of people =) However, with every issue, I spent many hours with my heart and sweat, to make it as interesting as meaningful as possible. Whatever you find here is definitely not on par with commercial newsletter which you receive on a regular basis. I do have the option of subscribing to newsletter service but I choice to do it myself because I can personalized and customized it. Even if it is not as impressive, it encapsulates the intangible work spirit of my life. Hope you'll like it!

This issue is exceptionally and unexpectedly long by accident, due to the long camera film =) SeNewsletter has no fixed format, no specifc content, no regular release. This is what making it different from the commercial one.

One major challenge in i encounter publishing is the design and layout. I want it to be the way that I want to receive. For this issue, cos this is Valentine's month, I have brainstormed 13 gifts what many gals would love to receive; there are captured in the "photographic film" on your left hand side :) Believe me, 9 of them are captured using my digital camera! (On average,I spent 30 minutes to finish one photo" film") For gal, if you receive more than 2 of these valentine gifts from one lovely guy, jackpot liao! Especially for those gifts that are positioned towards the end of the "film" =)

The next issue i am going to touch on a practical necessity that many of us hardly do without. The research for it has already took me more than 24 hours easily! Dedicated especially for my clients and friends, for their generous help and continual support in making my business possible :)

3. Valentine: Everlasting Experience

What are the elements for an everlasting experience on Valentine's Day?

For once I had an almost 5 years' relationship. I hope you do not suffer the same mental deficiency as I am. I tried to recall how did i spent the 4 Valentine's days but I couldn't! I simply can't remember any thing that has taken place except for a pizza at Lido and 3 color roses. Isn't it pathetic? Life is more beautiful if we can hold back some sweet memory to cherish upon...

How to create a beautiful and everlasting memory on Valentine's Day?

Most people would have 70 Valentine's days per life. Take away 10 years of childhood, 10 years of going dateless and 10 years of old age, so we are left with 40 Valentine's days. Considering 10 days fall before marriage and 30 days fall after marriagec 10 days of uncertainty and 30 days of certainty. Just one comment. It is not intuitive for we guys can maintain the same motivation level throughout... Maybe ladies could give us good advice :)

Is it possible for feeling that was eroded by time can be recovered?

I ponder for quite some times and I came to a rather conclusive finding. Unlike computer, our memory records feelings, not incidents. And it is in those feelings that we find other details. Most feelings are too complex to interpret by words accurately. Illustrations: For the pizza at Lido, she told me I didn't dress "appropriately"; for the 3 color roses that brought from Malaysia early morning ,i fought very hard to protect them from being squeeze in the bus 170. These are two "pictures" of feelings; I hardly recalled anything before and after the "pictures" was "photographed". I could have totally forgetten about these them together with the rest, but i found them the feelings... feelings stays longer and lectures note gone fastest!

Do you know why computer is preferred for work? Because it doesn't feel!

For most jobs, feelings destroy work efficiency. We can't be effective if we are emotional. That's why feelings have no market value as far as employers are concerned. We think of our work but we don't feel, the more we feel, the more we get ourselves depressed over the routine. Hence our job deprived us of our feelings until a stage whereby our capacity to feel get so blunted that we can't feel anything except feeling tired. Does this argument sufficient a reason to explain why young people are more romantic?

Feelings can be artificially injected, but only the spontaneous ones will last.

Lost feelings can sometimes be consolidated via 3 things: diary, photograph and recollection with parties involved. Staring at our photos slightly longer; most probably they are going to trigger off some lost and found mechanism in our brain to connect us back to the unforgotten encounters, even more so if the photos are arranged sequentially. However, in city like Singapore, people are too tight up with never ending work schedule that we seldom have time to really live the way we want to live. We only feel "non-lastingly", to a large extent, towards the fictitious characters appear in TV programs but we are immured to the life experience we have in the real world.

No guaranteed that it works, but at least there is no regret for your attempt.

Fresh roses, glistering platinum and candle-light dinner are merely side dishes. To cook the main course, 2 main ingredients that you can't do without are creativity and personal touch. Other common ingredients may include research and planning. And you need to cook all of that in correct proportion using the fire of time and effort skilfully. Whether it is going to be delicious or not, it does not matter the most. And your motivation level (enzyme, in biological term) is the only tool that you need to harvest all ingredients that you need! I hope i answered the first question on top.

Happy Valentine's Day =)

4. Time Movement in Prudential

4.1 Prudential Children First

The Prudential Children First! International Arts Festival for children kicks off last Sat 22 Feb at Suntec City with a FREE Pre-Festival Treat, the Madame Buskerfly. There will be performances twice a day from 22 Feb till 2 Mar.

4.2 Investment Fund Awards 2002

Best Performing Fund over Ten Years in the Special Award Category. Organized by Standard Chartered Bank, Reuters and The Business Times. In association with Citigate Dewe Rogerson I.Mage.

Prulink Singapore Managed Fund is the largest unitized fund totaling of S$1800,000,000 ($1.8b) launched in 3 Nov 1992 managed by Prudential Asset Management (PAM). It has a CPFIS Risk Classification of Narrowly Focused, Medium to High Risk. Details are found: