SNES 9X Emulation

SNES Stands for Super Nitendo Entertainment System. It was a very popular game set among the household kids in the 90s; that was time when i was in my secondary school. I faught very hard to cough out the money, together with a nearby classmate, half-half, we managed to afford one. It cost us exactly S$650 dollar from Sim Lim Tower and it came Street Fighter II Turbo.

The reason behind the popularity of SNES is in the medium through which the consoles are distributed, plain diskettes. Strictly speaking in today's context, it is considered as piracy. The original game cartridge is no longer required once the consoles are loaded into the diskettes. Street Fighter II Turbo needs two diskettes hence it was selling at $8 only. And there was this very good aunty, at Woodland Town Centre, who gave me a very special price of $3.50 per diskette.

We were taught the virtue of sharing and that was where we put it into practice. Among friends, we shared whatever consoles we acquired; it was simply beautiful, at the cost of just plain diskettes, that's exactly what we can only afford. Unfortunately, during that time, the Internet has just been introduced, otherwise the saving could be even greater.

SNES became obcelete in about half a decade. It is fully over-shadowed by Sony Playstation for the same reason mentioned above, on top of the vast improvement in complexity of the gaming consoles. SNES sanks and eventually reappears in the internet world, FREE! When my parents bought me my first computer in King Edward VII Hall in 1998, i was revising those games once again =)

There are thousands and thousands of consoles, they call it ROMs, on the internet. I have uploaded here the game player, they call it SNES 9X Emulator (e.g. ZNES), with only ten games at your disposal. These are games i played a lot, particular Top Gear II and the Final Fantasy Series, which i had them only in japanese formerly. Come to think of it, if i were to understand japanese when i was young, i could have enjoyed the games much more...

Download the Emulator and the ROMs into a folder, double click on ZSNESW.EXE to get the following screen as shown:

Go to "Game" and "Load" game. If the game window is too small, go to "Config" then "Video to select "800x600 DS FULL".

While playing the game, click: "F2" to save a state, "F4" to load a state, "F3" to select a state. The default save state is 0.