Common PC Utility

Among softwares that i have, not taking into account programs that only savvy-people know how to use, i have chosen ten utilities which i considered them very commonly used. One preference i have in choosing them is the least click to execution.

Batch File Rename, i.e. 1-4a Rename

For people who handle file types that run in number sequence, this utility can be used to rename the entire batch of files, be it pictures, songs or documents and/or to make them run in sequence if they are not initially. It can perform character(s) replacement and insertion at exact position of the original file names. This utility will definitely come in handy, sooner or later, when you are doing house keeping on the collection of files that you have.

CD to MP3 Ripper, i.e. AudioCatalyst

I must warn you sternly, the songs you ripped from an audio cd that does not belong to you is an act of piracy. If you were to futher distribute those MP3 tracks through any medium, you could be charged guity under the copyright law for infringement of intellectual property.

English Dictionary, i.e. WordWeb

As far as the speed of execution is important, this dictionary helps to find the word in double-quick time. In the scenerio whereby there is new vocabulary in the meaning of the word you are finding, simply double click on that new vocabulary to see its definition. By clicking "Previous", it goes back to the original finding. In addition, synonyms and antonyms are also available at your convenience.

Folder Content Backup, i.e. InSync

This is the most technical utility amoung all. What it does is to make a copy of the content of a folder from one computer to another, via the network. On top of not using the C drive for data storage, it is equally important to duplicate datas in other drives. Gone are the days where people blame their computers for lossing all the datas; hence, making a provision for adversity as such is always encouraged.

MP3 Alarm Clock, i.e. Music Alarm Clock

With this utility, you stand a chance to benefit from your huge MP3 music library. You will be able to organize a series of playlists with songs in your preferential sequence and to have them played repetitively at whatever time on whichever day of the week, month or year. If your MP3 collection is huge enough, it's going to be like a timed radio station.

PDF-File Creator, i.e. PDF995

When it comes to sending type-written documents via the email, whereby the content of the documents is not supposed to be edited, then it should be sent professionally in the PDF format, instead of .doc and other original file extension. One case in point is the submission of resume and recommendation letter. The latter can be scanned then convert to PDF format using this utility.

Ratio Calculator, i.e. 1-4a Ratio Calculator

This is the most specialized utility amoung all. I am not so sure whether accountancy or engineering require the use of similar utility, but on personal basis, i am using it when it comes to processing images. Do you know that there is a standard ratio to our screen resolution and picture taken using the digital camera? For example, 800x600, 1024x768 and so on.

Screen Capture, i.e. 1-4a Print Screen Deluxe

Turn whatever you see on the computer screen into pictures is the usage of this utility. You can click and drag from one corner to the diagonal one in selecting the area you want to capture. You can use this utility to capture maps from for personal reference. However, please note that those directory maps are copyrighted and are not meant to be published freely.

Unit Conversion, i.e. Convert

This utility is not for you but probably for you kids, in secondary schools especially. Well, it is just a good to have utility.

VCD Player, i.e. Lalim VCD Player

Tray in your VCD movie or VCD mtv, especially those with ten over tracks, you need just a click to start this program to begin the show. This utility is really a must for full-time VCD-goers who have boxes lying up to finish where every second counts.